What can a Woodie do in a lockdown!

The second Covid lock down saw our members once again truly isolated.However, you can't keep a good Woodie down!
Eric Simes was very busy.
Below are his Silver Ash creations.



Rhona Jason Smith was suffering from workshop separation anxiety and put her energy and imagination into making garden fairy doors.
The one on the left is for coastal fairies, the ones that come in with an ocean breeze and the one on the right is for a Japanese themed garden.


Peter Brotherton's eldest daughter presented him with a bag of old (about 100 years) Cypress tongue and groove floor board. Offcuts from her kitchen which she was renovating. She wanted a jewellery box made from them with a special request. The floor board patina (knots, paint splashes and other defects) were to be retained as much as possible.


Judging by the amount of accumulated dirt in the grooves and on top of the tongues Peter didn't think the boards have ever been properly joined and the first job was to get rid of this. After cleaning, the tongue and grooves would still not fit together so they had to be removed and the boards were edge glued.The boards contained a number of loose knots and visible cracks and these were stabilised with super glue. They also had some very fine, almost invisible, hairline cracks which caused problems during preparation. The box has a plywood base to add some stability. It is finished with Kunos oil.




Only a Woodie,or a Woodie's daughter,could imagine how beautiful old Cyprus pine floor boards could look!

Peter Mc Dowell was also VERY busy!

                                   Red Cedar                               Platters made of Silky Oak from Bournda.

Flip top band saw boxes.White Cedar,She Oak,Red Gum,Coolabah burl,Gidgee and Walnut.

Special Order

1 of 2 x 300 mm diameter Blue Gum logs to be turned into balls .See below.


 One of two Balls to be used for legs of a bed base.
Now that would be worth seeing!

Now that the lock down has been lifted the Woodies can once again meet to cut up wood and change its shape, together!

                                                        Updated : 11/05/2021